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Here at Centered Health Chiropractic, we incorporate a very successful health program that helps YOU lose weight. The health program focuses in on you as a person and helps you reach your short term and long term goals. We can help you reach, not only your optimal weight, but also your optimal health! The program is easy to follow because you have us as a personal health coach. Details about our health program are below.

The Health Program

There are three aspects about this program that make it work:

  1. Medically-Designed Eating Plan
  2. Long-term Curriculum & Resources
  3. Free Personal Health Coach

Medically-Designed Eating Plan: This is based on balancing blood sugars - not calorie counting or points. It will teach you to eat 6 small meals a day and you’ll get into a fat burning state which basically eliminates cravings and produces high energy. It’s amazing how you feel! This eating plan is SIMPLE!

Long Term Success Through a Lifestyle Change. Up to 85% of people who lose weight on diets regain that weight within a year, often with additional pounds. To change these statistics, we support you with a new, comprehensive, bionetwork to prevent weight regain once you have reached your healthy weight goal. As you transition out of the basic program, you'll gradually reintroduce additional healthy foods and increase your calories to meet your body's individual calorie requirement for weight maintenance. The Maintenance Plan uses sound principles of proper nutrition and portion control to "retrain" your brain and body to be satisfied with appropriate portions of healthy food choices. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy weight and improved well-being for months, years - or forever!

Your Free Personal Coach Because our approach is very simple, the role of the Health Coach is mostly to encourage you on your journey. We're your advocate. Also, we all have times when we need accountability, support and interaction. We're here for you!

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